Waste of electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)

Disused electrical and electronic equipment, including all components, subassemblies, and accessories, which are parts of the product at the time when it is taken out of service. The following equipment is subject to producer responsibility for electrical and electronic equipment:
▪ equipment that needs electric current or electromagnetic field for functioning;
▪ equipment that is used for producing, directing, and measuring current and fields;
▪ equipment that is used at a maximum voltage of 1000 V in case of alternating current and at a maximum voltage of 1000 V in case of direct current.
According to WEEE directive, electrical and electronic equipment is divided into ten categories.

Products of concern include WEEE according to the Waste Act because it contains substances and components that are hazardous to health and environment. Collecting such waste separately from other waste helps to keep hazardous substances from reaching the environment and supports the recycling of the materials containing in WEEE, which in turn helps to save primary raw materials.